Using Pearltrees to Differentiate Instruction

How can I use Pearltrees to differentiate content in the classroom?

Pearltrees offers a great way to organize, share, and acquire resources in a very user-friendly format. In my classroom I would use Pearltrees to differentiate instruction by making a pearl tree into an assignment with the assignment being connected to a variety of resources and web 2.0 tools for students to use to complete the assignment. Giving students choices when doing assignments allows students to learn and create giving students creative freedom.  So if the assignment was to learn about a certain concept and make a model or visual representation of that concept, students could be given resources and tools as pearls that the students could pick from to complete the assignment. I need to develop this further as I am not exactly sure how to manage this with students. I know that students would pick up Pearltress quickly in my opinion.

Students could also share resources and assignments through Pearltrees and post comments and questions to students and the teacher. I’m excited to introduce this to my students, I think Middle School students will enjoy this tool. On a side note I did find a lot of Pearltrees that teachers have created to organize their resources related to differentiating instruction by doing a Google search for using Pearltrees to differentiate instruction.

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