Essential Question 12

Essential Question 12: How will I demonstrate impact on student learning as a result of my differentiated lesson?


I have planned several ways to demonstrate an impact on students learning. I have created a pre and post assessment to measure the impact on learning for my major learning objectives.  The pre and post assessments will be completed as a paper pencil assessment in a traditional test format. These assessments are designed fro students to demonstrate understanding of the standards at a proficient level. I hate that these pre and post assessments look so much like


I will be using other assessments through out this project as the pre and post assessment will not provide me with all the information that I want so I am also having students take periodic short Activote survey/ quizzes in which students will answer additional questions about the student’s progress and understanding of.  I would of done with this with the Edmodo poll or quiz options if I had better access to our computer lab, but that is not in the cards for this project. Additionally I am having students complete a checklist as they work through the project in which they will check off each step of the project as they complete them. Some of the steps on the checklist they will need me to check off as evidence that I approve their plans or progress. I will be meeting with groups daily to discuss progress and any questions or concerns the groups may have.


Finally students will have their final product and experiment results that they will compare with other students products and experiments that are similar. This will be the third experiment student’s have done this year, so I will be comparing their experiment process and results with their other experiments to look for improvements in the scientific method, and scientific thinking and in writing general. The students final presentation will be the most telling of student learning in my opinion, as it will showcase all the different skills the student should of learned as well as learning a new presentation tool.


I have participated in my PLN this week by participating in the Twitter chat, reading blogs, and doing a lot of sharing within my PLN at my school. I have not contributed much to my PLN in this class in the way of blog responses or sharing resources. I am planning a GPS unit( (if the snow ever melts), and I am sure I will need all the help I can get from my PLN.


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