Week 11

Essential Question: What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?

 My students will communicate their findings from an experiment that they have created and conducted. Students will also produce a data table with a corresponding scatter plot graph to show result of the experiment. I’m trying to give my students as many choices as possible, but I think I need to narrow down their choices for communication tools. So far these are the tools I have been thinking about using. My biggest challenge is that I have not used all these tools myself in-depth.

 Power Point, Digital pamphlet, and Digital posters – Glog

 Voice Recording/ Audocity, Garage band,

 Video/ Xtranormal, Voice Thread,

 Screen Cast


?Pearltrees, Prezi


I am also using simulations, tutorials, games, and other online resources for students to choose from as learning activities. Students will also use Excel to make a data table using collected data and also make a graph.


Since my project has students working at their own pace on a rather big project I will most likely have a lot of classroom management issues to overcome. These are some of the challenges and solutions I have foreseen occurring so far.


Classroom Management Challenges/ Solutions:

–       Keeping all students on task and meeting project deadlines: Daily effort grades, as well as students report daily progress.

–       Groups not working well together: Daily discussions with students on progress

–       Groups falling behind: Intervene with group to make daily goals, teacher approves and reviews daily, if group continues to fall behind may have to break group up, and work as individuals.

–       Students not listening while in computer lab: have them turn off monitors to listen, or put eyes on speaker and hands in the air.

This week I have participated within my PLN by reading blogs and participating in the Twitter discussion. I spent most of my time and energy in regards to this class looking up and exploring resources for my project and working on the project and rubric.


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