Differentiating through Student Products

Week 10

How can I differentiate through student product in my classroom?

There are many ways I currently have student’s differentiate their products for larger assignments. This year I have coincidently focused more on this than in the past. For example I gave students a choice in their product for a solar system project earlier in the year. Students had the choice to produce a wide range of options from a Power Point to a song. Most students chose to do a Power Point presentation, but giving the students choices helps students to construct a product that best meets the students learning styles and in my opinion fosters creativity.

I need to work on differentiating the product for smaller and daily assignments. I know this isn’t always possible, but often times there are multiple ways for students demonstrate understanding even with smaller assignments that don’t a large product. For example students could have the option to share responses to questions through blogs, online journals that could be done with Evernote, Wiki pages, etc… This would take some work to set up, but I think it could be done an would give students more creative freedom to express their ideas.

I have not worked with PLN much this week. I read a few blogs and Tweets, but worked pretty much in isolation due to a variety of factors beyond my control. I did spend quite a bit of time looking for resources and standards for the week 10 assignment. I hope to commit more time this week to communicating within my PLN and sharing resources.


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